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Habitación de matrimonio

Clever and stimulating dramedy by Bathsheba Doran (original title: Parents' evening).

Judith and Sebastian are married and have a 10-year-old daughter who has some behaviour issues. In the intimacy of their bedroom they share their views on marriage, child up-bringing and the role of family in society. 

Are they doing a good job with their daughter? Are they dedicating her the time and attention she needs? What do they need to sacrifice in order to be good parents? And to make their marriage work?

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El millor per als nostres fills

"El millor per als nostres fills" (The best for our children) is an original theatre play by Elisenda Coll. Based on the true story of The family, an Australian sect active between the 60s and the 90s, headed by guru Anne Hamilton-Byrne. The sect got sadly famous because of the questionable methods used to raise the children that lived in it and supposedly would save and rebuild the world after an imminent Apocalypse. The play tells us, with cruelty and tenderness, about psychological conditioning in upbringing, and casts suspicion on the family and society as inevitable ways of deforming one's own identity .... even if this is done in the name of love.


La edad de la ciruela

"La edad de la ciruela" (The age of the plum) presents us with "four generations of women and their suitcases growing in the shade of the plum tree in the garden, and several questions floating in the air: Why is it that one believes that she did not show her love on time and does not realise that the others were also late to embrace us? What if we could pause time? Maybe then we would have the time to observe what is happening and we would start to have time left over to do things we never did.

La edad de la ciruela_edited_edited.jpg
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